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Top 5 Natural Fertilizers For Agriculture Business India

Top 5 Natural Fertilizers For Agriculture Business India

Top 5 Natural Fertilizers For Agriculture Business India

Agriculture Business India for enhanced harvest can really help in terms of improving the fertility of the soil and providing quality nutrition to your crops. However, before you proceed to do so, it is recommended that you get your garden bed’s soil tested for nutrient levels and pH. The reason why knowing the pH level of your garden bed’s soil before adding phosphorous fertilizers is important because phosphorous is only available at a particular pH range. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Natural Fertilizers for Enhanced Harvest                             Natural Fertilizers for Enhanced Harvest[/caption] If you add phosphorous to an area with incompatible pH, it will end up tying up the nutrient in the soil and not make enough nutrients available to the plant. Once you have this information noted, we can proceed to list out the top 5 Natural Fertilizers for Enhanced Harvest .

1.     Chicken Manure

Chicken feces are extremely rich in nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous. Moreover, they also act as extremely good sources of other nutrients such as calcium and magnesium. One of the best things about this fertilizer is that it can be obtained very easily. All you have to do is ask a farmer for some leftover chicken muck and then compost it yourself.

2.     Kelp

Unlike chicken feces, the amount of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous contained in kelp-based fertilizers is not a lot. However, it is quite high in essential trace nutrients and plant growth hormones that facilitate faster plant growth and better flowering. Apart from this, studies have also shown that kelp-based fertilizers have been effective in developing a higher tolerance for extreme temperatures in plants. The easiest way to obtain this fertilizer would be to buy it directly from a garden center. However, the cheaper way to obtain this would be to gather and compost it yourself.

3.     Alfalfa Meal

This is a plant-based fertilizer that good contains a good amount of nitrogen along with phosphorous and potassium. One of the main benefits of this fertilizer is that it helps immensely in terms of improving the quality of the soil. These will lead to the production of more nutrients for the plants to feed on. Moreover, it is also good for the growth of the plant over time.

4.     Cow Manure

Cow manure is probably one of the most widely used types of muck. It Is quite rich in nutrients that are beneficial both for the plant as well as the soil. It is very important that you compost the manure properly before you use it. If the manure is going to be used on fruits and vegetables, it is recommended that you use manure produced from organically farmed cows.

5.     Limestone

Limestone fertilizer is another great option as an organic fertilizer. However, the quality of benefits usually depends on the source of the stone. It can be used to balance pH levels of soils having high acidic levels. Furthermore, it also contains calcium that is helpful in terms of the overall growth of the plant. However, do remember that with limestone fertilizers, it is vital that you test the pH level of your soil in order to determine how much is needed.