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Modern Farming Technology

Modern Farming Technology

Technological advancement is always the road to the next step of progress, and also in Farming technology plays an important role while developing the eco-sustainable green environment you are opting for. Nowadays we have so many mechanically and technologicallydevelopedgadgets that have made Farming and Agricultural land management so much easier than before. There’s no doubt in the fact that with so many Modern Farming technologies at hand we are taking the way forward but is it all good? Being technologically enriched is, of course, necessary in this machinery based world but at what cost? Arewe losing the innate connection with the earth and soil every time there is another technology is developed? Is this the same story with Modern Farming technologies also! Let’s find out in today’s article. 


The Developments In Farming Technology: Where we are Today-

From cow pulled ploughs to robotic hand harvesters, we have come a long way. There are so many recent developments only in the past few years that have pushed the boundary of farming and farmland management a bit further. For example, in countries like eastern one's farming has been depended highly on the rainfall which has had a tremendous impact on crop production. But not anymore, with modern farming technologies we get the access not only the control of the water used in the cultivation part but also now we can even increase or decrease the water quantity used for agriculture based on our land type and the production quality which is very helpful in the countries where natural sources of water is not that easily accessible.

Not only that, let’s look at the bigger picture, with modern-day farming technology a farm is fully equipped and self-sufficient agricultural land that has the potential to produce mixed crops on a rotational basis with better quantity and alsothe quality of the harvest. Let’s be honest, in the contemporary world from preparing the soil bed to plucking out the lot- the whole production circle can be controlled by machines. There is no need for physical human labouras it was required before. Now you can supervise the thriving greenery of your land by controlling your technology.

Why Updation Of Technology Is Necessary?

In a much conservative way, the reconditioning of the methods and tools you were using for your farming is necessary because it will make your farming process way easier and more definite. But is that it? No, there’s a lot more related to that. Modern Farming Technology includes hybrid seed mix,monitored usage of pesticides, advanced machinery, organic fertilizers, and the list goes on. All these have given the grower the full opportunity to produce better results with a healthy and sufficient amount of crops. Let’s give a small example- with the help of genetic engineering the farmers are now able to produce GM Seeds (genetically modified seeds) that have a better chance to stand against the difficult climate or even again pests. Not only that, with modern farming technology it is now possible to produce agriculture where it is naturally challenging and very difficult. In short, with developed technology and recent advancement, one gets complete control over his whole harvesting process and this is something which can be further improved bytime.


The Challenges Of Technological Advancement:

Well, switch to modern technology- it is easier said than done. There are always challenges in ways of advancement let alone agricultural farm management. A lot of variables play a role in switching from a traditional way to a modern way and some of them are unignorable. For instance, it is often that the small scale farmers find it very difficult to opt for something so advanced. Not only because of economical backlash but also the educational background and also social grouping can influencethe technological adaptation so much. There is always both internal and external crisis-related here; in terms of land size, economic availability, and also the farmer’s perspective can very well influence the pace of the advancement happening. Regardless of everything, one thing is very true that in contemporary world new age farming technologies have more appreciation than it had before.

The Ways To Update And Adapt: 

There is a list of updated modern technology that are nowadays in full use in farming and agricultural farm management. Let’s have a look at some of them-

  • Farming Machines:

This is no rocket science that the more updated machines you have the better result you can expect. There are some machines out there doing wonders in replacing manual labour included in farming, which is, in fact, a problem that Farmers have to face all over the world. The usage of technologies like combine harvester or planters has reduced manual labour and also labour cost which is frankly a bit expensive now. 

Of course, there’s no need to mention that time is always the key in agriculture; not only for producing but also for the storage of the production. And the modern farming machines make it definite that the whole cycle from plantation to storage is done in shorter and proper timing which is an absolute must. 

Auto sprayers controlled by GPS technology has also been very helpful along with autopilot tractors that do not require any driver. Now, one may think what is the big deal with autopilot technology! Well, the autopilotsprayers and tractors are controlled by tracking systems which means there’s a lot less room for human errors and also it helps in saving fuel.

  • Sensors:

We all are familiar with sensors. Sensors are widely used for agriculture also. Crop sensors effectively apply the exact amount of pesticides and fertilizers as needed for the crops. These technologies are developed to help you identify how your plants are feeling and also shows if there are any chances of leaching or any other disease. This saves time and money and also secures the quality check of the harvest. 

  • Field Documentation and GPS: 

GPS is now avery much engaging technology in agriculture. It helps to keep you track of the whole land and also of your whole production and that data can be very in future strategies. The GPS technology creates a map and summary of the whole farming, starting from the drainage system- the possibilities are endless.

  • Biotechnology:

Now some of us are familiar with what the term means. It means how seeds and plants and animals are genetically engineered in the better gene code to secure the health and prosperity of them. It is also used to boost up the resistance of herbicides and other farm inputs. This biotechnology also allows cultivating in that land type which is otherwise dry areas or desserts meaning a saving of cost from farm resources.

What About The Expenses? 

Contrary to many beliefs modern farming technology aims to optimize better results in a profitable economy. Opting to modern technologies all at ones can be expensive but it can also be managed by a proper strategy and set goals. There are also better quality products atan affordable price range. But most of all, the concept of how much you are comfortable in investing in technologies should be very clear from the beginning. If you take step by step strategy then it is very unlikely that you would not see the difference. After all, it’s an investment worth for.


But, at the end of it’s a completely individual choice on how to develop and manage his farmland based on his point of view and economic efficiency. Of course, modern technologies help along the way to ensure full bloom cultivation, and maximum profit but surely it is not the be-all and end-all of that- a little care and proper strategy go a long way.