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3 Ways Owning a Farm Can Be a Life Changer

3 Ways Owning a Farm Can Be a Life Changer

They say that connecting with nature is the true art of living. We often find ourselves in a peaceful state when we are in the lap of greenery. Even our ancient scriptures and epics speak about importance of natural elements in human lives. Trees and plants are innate part of earth that are also considered sacred in various faiths. With the recent awareness about environmental degradation, the significance of planting has gained prominence like never before. While there are many activities that can help us contribute to the environment, farming can prove to be most valuable.

Let us see how farming can enhance our lives and make a better future in following three ways –

It Enables Carbon Sequestration

Increased Carbon Emission is a reason for growing environmental concern today and reducing the same is an essentiality we cannot ignore. Although large-scale farming is more effective, people buying their own land and growing plants or crops for the love of it can also be a substantially beneficial move. Whether you practice agro forestry or simple farming, raising plants of any kind can result in addition of oxygen to the atmosphere.  We all know that green plants produce oxygen through photosynthesis and uptake carbon dioxide during daytime. Moreover, farmers can increase the carbon carrying capacity and water retention of soil by applying least disturbance methods while preparing soil for sowing. This is a means to sequestrate carbon in atmosphere.

It can Boost Soil Health

Soil Erosion and infertility are among the biggest threats that our environment faces and farming has the ability to hinder that. Following sustainable agriculture can be an important step in curbing these phenomena. Through minimal usage of chemical fertilizers, less tillage, crop rotation and incorporating organic matter, farmers can contribute to top-soil formation and accelerate crop growth. Such soil also supports greater concentration of useful bacteria and thereby retains the much-needed biodiversity. For preventing soil erosion the same sustainable methods, cover crops and deep-rooted vegetation can be beneficial.

It can provide you an Alternative Abode

People living in urban cities usually face the monotony of leading a hectic lifestyle. The pressure of balancing personal life along with fulfilling duties of the professional life take a toll on their  mind and health. With concepts like organic farming, leisure farming, hobby farming, small-scale farming emerging in modern times, agriculture seems to have a high potential.  Having a farm with customised amenities and wooden house at a quaint location is perfect escape from the hustle bustle. One can opt to settle down in such a place after retiring or visit occasionally to rejuvenate the mind.

Well, these are not the only advantages that farming bestows on you.  However, they are the major factors that can motivate a person to take up farming as a full-time or part-time occupation. True that most of the people do not the right techniques and processes for large-scale, small scale or garden farming. It is advisable, therefore, to rely on an entity that renders end-to-end agrarian solutions and trains you to achieve proficiency in farming.