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Large Scale Farming

Large Scale Farming Details

Farm Land In India With Large Scale Farming In India

Break Even Point

In this venture we anticipate Break Even Point (BEP) of your investment is around 8-10 years approximately along with land appreciation.

Protected Investment

According to the latest revision of the World Population Prospects, the global population expected to rise from 6.8 billion today to 9.4 or 10.2 billion in 2050. To manage this demand, manage we manage agriculture smartly. This would warrant our efforts to yield the optimum harvest for meeting future market demands.

According to FAO by 2050 expected food and feed demand will require a substantial increase in global food production of 70 percent. It also involves an additional quantity of nearly 1 billion tons of cereals and 200 million tons of meat. Is nurturing and harvesting more crop yields can be a solution to this? We understand, managing a large scale farmland is not easy. In the space of large scale farming, ranging from 20 acres to 100 acres with a scope for increasing employment opportunities to tackle unemployment challenges.

Farm Land In India With Large Scale Farming In India
Farm Land In India With Large Scale Farming In India

Safety & Security

For the future is, “Smart farming”.

You are certainly anxious on, How safe is my farm, when I’m away? Security with CCTV Cameras, Solar Fencing (is an option), Drone and old-age wisdom, your apprehension has been meticulously approached. We believe in blending technology along with the wisdom of old age techniques. From making predictive analysis to better decisions smart farming would be blended in the DNA of our day-to-day operations.

We make sure to increase productivity with Smart-Wise farming for fair value returns in addition to saving your Valuable Time. We intend to blend technology with "Smart Farming – Internet of Things (I o T)" as we nurture and preserve the sustainability factor.