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Agri Tourism

Agri-Tourism Details

Agri Tourism In India With Agri Business Ideas In India.


If yes, here is a surprise for you. We are hereby introducing the modern concept of traveling called Agri Tourism.

Agri tourism, combination of AGRICULTURE & TOURISM. It offers a scope to draw the attention of tourists to farms, along with educating them about agricultural pedagogy.

How does it feel to wake-up for a few days in a huge beautiful farmland, hearing the birds chirping, flowers blossoming and sunrise amidst mountains?

How about nurturing plants and trees along with farmers by preserving the most precious thing called “Forests”.

Most importantly you learn and experience an emotional joy which has no words to describe, creating a positive impact on your whole definition called “purpose of life”.

Farmers have always played a pivotal role in our society. They provide all three basic necessities for us; food, clothes and shelter.On the top of it, they also provide newly added fourth necessity that is “Agri Tourism” – another form of Education.

Transitioning a farmer from a price-taker to a price-maker

In this modern era, most of the food we consume are processed. Is there anyone who does not want to consume natural food? Agri tourism helps you to connect with farmers directly and promotes the economy. Also helps you get natural food for yourself and your family directly from a reputed source of natural produce.

Agri Tourism In India With Agri Business Ideas In India.

A New Life for the farmer and his produce

Agri tourism provides a complementary way of income to a farmer that allows financial leverage for capital expenditure. Whenever tourists come to visit a farmland, farmers get paid to take care of them and catering them throughout the tour. This way economic prospect for farmers in the rural areas to generate complementary income gets increased.

In Agri tourism, tourists come and experience rural life as a way to unwind and escape from the busy urban life. In short consumers are reaching out, and this is a golden opportunity for farmers to offer their produce. Agri tourism offers farmers an avenue for direct marketing.